#Tung Nguyen
I design and code beautifully simple things!

Hi there, I'm Tung. Nice to meet you!

I’m a Full Stack Web Developer based in Seattle, WA.

Since 2018, I’ve been helping many clients to achieve innovative things on the web.

I mainly work with modern tools and frameworks such as Wordpress, Laravel, Node/ExpressJS, React, Bulma/Bootstrap, VueJS….

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Below are my magical abilities and primary weapons I use while coding.
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Front-End Developer

I design responsive and friendly user interfaces.

Languages I speak:

HTML, CSS, Sass, Javascript/Jquery

Dev Tools/Frameworks:

  • Bootstrap
  • Bulma
  • React
  • VueJs
  • WordPress (Custom Theme)

Back-end Developer

I develop website logics and information systems.

Languages I speak:

Python, Java, PHP, Sql/NoSql/Database Design

Dev Tools/Frameworks:

  • Cloud9
  • Laravel
  • Wordpress
  • Node/Express.js
  • MongoDB/MySql/Microsoft SQL Server

DevOps Engineer

I manage IT infrastructure/softwares needed to support software code.

Languages I speak:

Command Line, Bash

Dev Tools/Frameworks:

  • LAMP Stack
  • AWS microservices
  • Git/Github
  • JIRA


Here are a few of my recent projects. Want to see more?
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TCoder - tungthecoder

A porforlio website with a custom built CMS.


tCoder - tungthecoder

Stacks Used

Laravel, Bulma, Vue.js, Sass, JavaScript/Jquery, MySQL, EC2/Apache

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Laravel Blog

A blog with custom-built CMS for blog posts.


Laravel Blog

Stacks Used

Laravel, Bootstrap, Javascript/Jquery, MySQL, EC2/PHP Built-in Web Server

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Visit Site Source Code

Go Places

A Yelp clone with custom-built CMS.


Go Places

Stacks Used

Node/Express.js, Bootstrap, Javascript/Jquery, MongoDB, EC2/Node.js Web Server

*Feel free to add more attractions*

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This quarter, I'm tutoring at Seattle Central College for 3 days/week:
  • Tues:     11:00 AM - 1:00 PM (Study Room/Appointment)
  • Wed:       1:00 PM - 4:00 PM (BE 3184)
  • Thurs:    11:00 AM - 1:00 PM (Study Room/Appointment)
  • (*For more information, please refer to the poster below*)

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Web Development Freelancing

Front End Web Development

Develop Front End using latest standards with HTML5/CSS3 with added funtionality using JavaScript/Jquery and Bootstrap (or Wordpress if requested).

Back End Web Development

Develop Back End application/service using Node.js or PHP and MySQL/SQL Server or MongoDB databases (or Wordpress if requested).

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