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Tips & Tricks

Getting Started
Tips on Choir Mode

For DigiBirds™ to listen to each other clearly, always place your DigiBirds™ within 8” distance or closer.

In DigiBirds™ pairing, it is limited to turn on 1 Digibird™ only each time.

The FOLLOWER DigiBirds™ may sometimes miss the command from MASTER Digibird™ or false to trigger the song due to external interference, Digibird™ will catch up in the next song.

Power save sleep mode

To save the battery power, the bird DigiBirds™ will go to sleep mode automatically without whistle triggering. To turn on again, simply slide the switch to OFF and ON again under the bird chest.

Low battery detection

If the battery power is low while you are playing or switching on the bird, there will be a bird’s alert sound to remind you to change the battery.

DigiDinos Tips


How to unlock the Secret Songs?


User Manual - Fun House
User Manual - Single Pack

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